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Guide to Earning Gralats

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98 thoughts on “Guide to Earning Gralats”

  1. Shana x3 says:

    900000 plesse <30<3 for body and head and tuger pleaseeee

  2. Shana x3 says:

    200.000 gralats please ;u; for body and head and tiger ;u; tranks

  3. arianne says:

    i need 50k so i can upload can u?

  4. Vampire girl says:

    Please give me 50,000 I’m trying to make a maze and I’m trying to get some clothes and I’m poor 🙁 please.

  5. Jacky5243 says:

    I donate just ask

  6. Jacky5243 says:

    Thx for all ur help

  7. Leader Poison says:

    Well, unless you all are willing to spend money, gaining the amounts that were suggested will take quite a while to earn.

  8. DevilGRIZZY says:

    I want 2 learn how 2 get uploads!! :p

    1. WaddaHellYouThinkin says:

      Earn gralats, of course!

  9. muzaka says:

    Graal Online Classic

  10. nathaly says:

    i need 30k too for upload but i dont have enough money im so very poor and i need donator..plssssss who are kind?pls help me!!

  11. sophia says:

    I need a 100000 gralats ?

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