Here you will find links to upload your custom characters to official GraalOnline repository. There are often prizes and giveaways that you can win, if your custom is selected!

You can use our FREE Templates to make your custom character, and preview it with Graal Viewer.

Upload links below.

Free Customs for Graal

You can use all these customs completely free, preview what your character will look like (all movements – walking, sitting, turning, sleeping, etc) with our all-in-one Graal Online Viewer.

Graal Viewer

Once you like your character, you can export it, and upload your customs to Graal-Online Servers (Classic, Era, Zone), and participate in competitions for best custom, as well as earn gralats!

Upload to Graal Online servers:

You can only upload individual HEADS, BODIES, etc. You can earn up-to 20000 Gralats per upload to Classic!

Upload to Graal Classic
Upload to Graal Era
Upload to Graal Zone