Here you can upload your custom (and UNIQUE) artwork for Graal Classic, Era and Zone, and earn up to 20000 Gralats for your efforts!

If you have a creative bone in you and love for Graal, this is your ultimate resource to find, create and share custome characters!

Get access to thousands of custom male and female heads, bodies, and animals/non-humans.

You can also download our FREE Templates and learn how to use them to make custom Heads, Bodies, Swords & Shields (template section is below uploads)!

Upload Customs to earn Gralats

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FREE Customs

Male Heads Female Heads Animals/Non human Bodies

Create your own Customs

Download Templates


  1. Download the templates above
  2. Use an image editing program, Free ones include Gimp and
  3. create a new layer on top of the template
  4. Start making your custom on the new layer, using the template to guide you.
  5. Delete the template, now you should only have the layer you made your custom on.
  6. Once you are happy with your design, upload it it to your favorite Graal game using the above links.