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What Graal Classic looks like:

Graal Classic - Gameplay


EuroCenter had previously released many games for the Apple Appstore, including Adrenaline Pool, Ace Tennis, Battle Online, DinoSmash, Adrenaline Golf, and Cocoto Kart Online. However, there were no iPhone Graal applications. This would change in December, 2009, when Classic iPhone, the first ever GraalOnline server for iDevices, was released. Stefan would appoint Xor to be the manager of the server.


When the year turned 2010, Classic iPhone was still extremely young. Throughout the year, the staff team would continue to surprise players with various updates of all kinds. Probably the most dynamic update in Classic iPhone was the release of guilds and houses. Players were soon able to purchase houses, complete with furniture that the players can place inside at will, as well create guilds. Soon after guilds were released, Guild Towers (and later Guild Spar) were released. Players would be able to fight for these towers to earn points for their guilds. As predicted, the playercount soon soared to numbers of 800-1000; consequently, several new towns were released. Perhaps the most widely anticipated town was Snowtown. Once Snowtown released, players could take a trip through the mountains, passing through dark caves and various sized cliffsides, to arrive in the snowy town. (Many players were excited to see snow, for this was the first time to view snow since the previous Winter when the server first opened.)

Other notable towns that were released were Balamb Island, Nexus Town, and Deadwood. With these new towns came interesting new transportation methods: the horse and drasine. Players were able to purchase a horse, chow on a few bushes, and race around the world about 5 times as fast as normal. The drasine allowed players to ride customizable railroad takes in their home.

All these updates contributed to an even bigger increase in player-count. By the time 2010 came to a close, the player-count had reached numbers as high as 1800.


2011 started out with many bug-fixes and many customization releases; however, there has yet to be very much solid content released. Regardless, players are still as active as ever on the server. Later into the year however, Classic iPhone was then made available for play on Facebook. To start, players could play on the Facebook server only, until very soon after it’s release, the iPhone server was made playable to players who had purchased an item called VIP. This special class would last 1 month, and would have to be updated every month for the iPhone server to be accessed by the Facebook application.

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