Some people have asked me to publish their guides, articles and customs here on Graal Depot. I am happy to do that as long as it is quality information that my readers here would be interested in. The article can include a mention of your in game name and guild as well if you’d like to promote that. So if you’re interested in publishing your articles here please contact me by the form below and I will give you my email to send it to. Great if it includes screenshots as well!

To motivate people to send in articles I’ll give a $10 iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon gift card (which you can use to get Gralats: $10 = 27500 Gralats!), if you write REALLY good article (meaning if you chose to publish it).

Only articles that are good enough to actually post on the website.

So if you have great info to share – fill out the form below: