Guide to Earning Gralats

There are several ways to earn free gralats in Graal – you can mine/earn them in game, which we show here, as well as earn “credits” with 3rd party app, and them purchase gralats with those credits. You can actually do both!

How to earn Gralats in game:

Watch and follow this video to earn gralats in Graal Classic:

This describes 3 ways to earn Gralats in Graal.

Method One:

Get a catching net, and catch bugs, flies and butterflies. You can then sell these for 50 gralats to a witch!

Method Two:

Find farming fields and start farming – you will get different gems, that are worth different amounts of gralats. This is second fastest way to make gralats!

Method Three:

Go kill pirates – you get gralats for each pirate that you kill. This is (arguably) the most time-effective or fastest way to earn gralats!


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