Zone missions!

 This post is about the missions. Missions are objectives that they tell you and rewarded. You can play with any people you would like to or play with your squad. Wanna go by yourself? Go for it! Now there are currently 5 missions up.

There is Rescue (Far left upper corner), Cut Energy (Left of Rescue) Arctic (Middle one) Assault (Left of Arctic) and Bomb Them (Far right upper corner). Now I will explain each of these missions.

Rescue: Rescue is a mission where you must Rescue 10 rebels around the map. Enemy’s will be around the map waiting for you, they will sometimes drop a box for you like PVP token or ammo. To free the rebels use your combat knife and stab them to set them free.

Cut Energy: Cut energy is the same layout of Rescue but different play. You must destroy 3 power stations surrounded by alien ships. These are located on the map so make sure you know where your going. After you defeat the power stations you will be awarded with ammo,PVP tokens or graalium.

Arctic: Arctic is the layout of Iricia. You need to destroy and capture 5 bases surrounded by alien ships and a mother ship for each base. The mother ship drops anything. To ammo,PVP tokens and graalium.

Assault: Assault is a game where you need to defend yourself againt people who are attacking you. Your objective is to run forward and at the end destroy the 2 power stations and kill the mothership. There is also a mine field in your path so watch out! Bomb Them: Bomb Them is the layout of conquest. You must take a bomb and blow up each base in every corner and destroy the mother ship as well.

Once in awhile a guy in a hover car will come to you and call of back up sometimes. If you kill him in time the backup will be denied. A tip for Bomb Them. Every time you set off a bomb you need to go grab another at the middle. Some other thing you can do while in mission. If you come across a big rock you can mine it for minerals! This is it folks! – Captain Derp 🙂


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