Squad capturing


If you have not seen this on zone this is basically the forts.

There are 3 forts. Iricia (to my left) Choros (right behind me) and Conquest (to my right).

These are what some people call “Planets”. I am now going to explain all of them.

Iricia: Has 5 forts attacking side starts from Right center. Defenders start at bottom left corner. Squads must work together to capture all 5 bases and hold them for 25 seconds without interruption. Choros: Same as Iricia just different style. Conquest: Anyone can spawn anywhere. The defending team must hold base one for 5 mins. The attacking team must capture base one and hold it for 25 seconds without interruption. To attack a squad that has the planet you must use a planet token acquired only on missions.

Thank you 🙂 – Captain Derp



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