New places update!

A bunch of new amazing places are popping up all around graalonline classic. I don’t know about you, but whenever I enter one of these places, I’m crossing my fingers hoping for a hat shop! So far there’s no hats, but some of these new places are beautiful and very fun. There’s a room full of bananas!!! Anyway, thank you, ever awesome creator of graal, for making us have an even better experience. Hopefully more amazing places appear around graal! Oh, and Happy Valentines Day for all of those lovers out there!

places include:

  • Chris Killem’s Mansion

  • New Graal City Graveyard
  • Bartholomew’s house

  • Jay’s Chimp Treehouse

  • Massokre’s Hideout

The museum on Belle Isle has been updated with some Valentines Day themed art!! Check it out!


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