Lost custom shield guide

If you’ve ever uploaded a custom shield and accepted it and forgot to write down the code and wasn’t sure how to get the shield code, then this is the guide for you disney inflatables.

1. Go to your house and write on a piece of furniture #a

2.Go back then walk up to the piece of furniture a message should pop up that says Graal then 6 numbers right after it.


3. Then say this in the overhead chat, setshield classic_personal_shield_Graal******-100.png where is says Graal******, put Graal then whatever numbers come after it for you when you walk up to a piece of furniture with #a written on itcheap jumpers for sale. Just before .png if its your first ever custom shield the number will be 100 if its your second put 101 if its your third put 102….


After all that you should finally have your custom shield.Oppblåsbar Bungee Run

Hope this helps =)




By MrFroggy



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