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Alright, so I didn’t really see a guide that talks about all the jobs to earn money and talks about them in-depth, so I guess I will make one just for the heck of it! Also for the new players. . I will put Requires Money: which means if the job requires money to do the job. If I miss any of the Jobs please post it so I can edit and update it, I just got back into Zone so I might be missing a thing or two. Alright, here it is !
Description:To start off Recycling, look at the map and find “Recycle” (Located north west from Unstick Me). To get the Metal Detector, just make sure you have no bombs, click the glove button while facing the Metal Detector. Now, to find trash just look all over the gmap and you will encounter trash . All you do is face the trash, and use the Metal Detector on it. If it doesn’t work on one side try a different side, it happens to do that sometimes.
Broken Eye: $5 Gralats
Gear: $4 Gralats
Wires: $4 Gralats
Rusty Gear:$4 Gralats
Useless Parts:$6 Gralats
Requires money? : No
Description: Well this one is basically self-explanatory. It’s the Lottery! Haha, so you say “Buy Ticket” to buy one ticket for $25 Gralats. You can buy up to 100 tickets a time. So, everyone that buys a ticket the Jackpot raises, that’s why it’s always low at the start. If you want to know what the odds are of you winning all you have to do is say “Show Odds”. It will randomly pick three winners and they will all split the prize.
Requires money? : Yes
Description: Okay, so to start a Mission all you have to do is go on the Map and look for “Missions”. It is located near the Unstick Me point. There are seven missions: Rescue, Cut Energy, Arctic, Assault, Bomb Them, Gold Bots, and More Power. To join the mission you click the one you want to play, then you either click Play With Squad (only if you are in one), or player Free-For-All (Any player can join if they want). Each of the missions have a recommended level for you to be at when you do this mission.
Rescue- Find the captured rebels and bring them to your base. (Level 1)
Cut Energy- Destroy 3 power stations of the enemy with your team. (Level 2)
Arctic- Destroy the space ships near the bases and take the bases (Level 3)
Assault- Go to the enemy base and destroy it. (Level 4)
Bomb Them- Take the bombs to the enemies bases and destroy it. (Level 5)
Gold Bots- Bring the 3 gold robots of the enemy to your base. (Level 6)
More Power- Destroy the 5 power stations. Beware of spy aliens. (Level 7)
Requires money? : No
Mining Robots
Description:Alright, so this job requires some money before you can actually do it. You have to buy a Mining Robot which is $250 Gralats, but I think it’s worth it! Alright, so look on the map and find “Robots”. The shop you want to go in is right above the shop “Gunzz”. After you buy the Mining Robot, head on down to the Missions! Okay, now what you need to do is click on a mission, any mission is fine, and then look for a rock. Once you find a rock get your Mining Robot out and double click the Mining Robot while it’s by the rock. After that, it will mine, but it may take 5-8 seconds. Once it is done, congratulations! You got your minerals! Just another thing to add, which is that Plutonium can also be found by killing baddies! If you want to keep them, just complete the mission! If you want to go to a mission just for the minerals, I recommend doing a low level mission like the first one. (Rescue). After you are done with the mission and have your minerals go to where you bought your Mining Robot, and then grab the counter. You can then sell your minerals!
Gold: $12 Gralats
Plutonium:$12 Gralats
Silicon:$10 Gralats
Graalium:$15 Gralats
Requires money? : Yes
Description: To start this, look on the map and find “Showdowns”. You can either walk there or wait for a pop up on the top part of your screen for you to click it and be warped there. Once you are there, there will be a timer counting down for when it starts. (Unless a showdown is already on, it will say End: (Countdown). After the countdown is done, you will be warped somewhere random on a big map, and you have to fight for your life! The goal to Showdown is to be the last man standing. If it is taking to long, you and the others will be warped to a small little area and fight there with little room to run away, so good luck!
Prize:70-125 Gralats
Requires money? : No
Bot Events
Description: Okay, so you know those messages that say “Event” like Chance, Musical Chairs, Find Toad? What? You Don’t? Oh I see why! You don’t have your “Event PM’s” on! To turn them on, you simply click your character, options, then check mark Event PM’s (last one on the menu). Alright, you getting the pm’s now? Well give it time, an event is going on . Oh now you got one? Okay, and yes it does cost to join the event, but hey! You get like 3 times more the money you payed for to play the event than win the event, and it’s pretty fun to play! Don’t get mad if you don’t win though, there will always be another event (literally ..).

Requires money? : Yes
Ship Repairing
Description: Ok, so what you need for this is $40 gralats. Why? You need to buy a wrench. So, to firstly get here click Map and find Ship Repairing, if you can’t find it it is above the Hoverboard shop. Once you are there go ahead and purchase yourself a wrench! Next, equip the wrench, then find a broken ship. The pieces are in order for you to make it easier, so you need to get: Muffler, Screen, Thruster, Wing, Engine, then Wires. There’s a bonus prize if you repair 1,000 ships. It’s a hat! If you want to fix a ship a bit faster look for a ship closer to the tools so you don’t have to walk all the way to the tool then back to the ship.
Money you get for repairing a ship:$11
Requires money? : Yes (Just for a wrench)

A guide by  Alex Damian


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