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A guide by NCJohn

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve made one of my guides and I’ve been meaning to make this one for quite a while. This guide will be a 3 part series and will give you some of the best tips and tricks to making money on iEra. I will put out the other 2 parts once I get the time to make them. I hope you all find this useful, enjoy :d.


Shelling is probably the most popular way to make money on iEra. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it and it requires a low start up cost. The only problem that I find with shelling is that it can get quite boring so that’s why I suggest you do it with friends, but that may lower your productivity. Here are some basic stats to know for shelling:

Start up cost: 50$ for 1 shovel (Recommended that you have at least 500$ for 10)
Profit Per a shovel: Approximately 200$
$’s/Hour: Approximately 4k-6k an hour

Part One Shelling

Starting Out

To start you’re going to need to purchase a shovel at either Israfel’s Shell Shop:

*TIP* It is recommended that you purchase several shovels so that when one breaks you don’t have to go back and buy another.


Once you have purchased your shovel(s), head down to the beach and find a nice clear area to begin digging.

*TIP* Digging in a straight line makes it easier and quicker to pick up your shells. To keep in a straight line you can dig along side and object so if you accidentally get off your line all you have to do is correct yourself with the object.


Once you have all the shells that you need head back to either Israfel’s Shell Shop or Bell’s Shell Shop to sell your shells. Go inside and grab the silver counter.

A window with all the different types of shells should appear and you should be able to sell them from there.

Crabs & Crab Shells

When shelling you have a chance to dig up a crab NPC that will attack you. that’s why it is best to have a melee equipped on you along with your shovel to fight off the crabs.

When you kill a crab they have a chance to drop a crab shell. Crab shells can be sold at Wandi’s Crab Shack:

Once inside just go up to a bin, grab it, and then sell them in the little silver window that pops up.

hope you all found this guide to be useful and I look forward to hearing your feedback. I will be working on the next 2 parts over the next few days. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns just leave a message below; thanks .

Credit: NCJohn

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