iEra Free Hat Guide

A guide by NCJohn

Hey everyone; since a lot of people seemed to like my previous guide I decided to make another one. This one is for all the new players on iEra who are looking for some cool hats for their character. In this guide I’ll be showing how to get 8 free hats available on iera. I will continually update this guide when ever a new free hat is released.

Below is a color code to show you the difficulty and time that each hat takes to get.

The Indian Hat

Lets get things started with one of the first free hats on iEra. First off you’re going to want to find the man-hole cover in the start park.

When you are at the man-hole, go up to it and grab it with the glove button.

Once inside the sewers, head north towards the small bridge with two opening to the sides. Go through the right opening and keep heading east through the sewer waste.

Eventually you should come across a concrete platform with a hole in it. Walk into the whole and you’ll be falling though time.

You’ll eventually land in a room which appears to be floating in space. Head down and then go to the left. You’ll find a hidden path way on the stars.

You will now be in a room with some wooden paths follow the map below.

Now you should be in a room with a door and two light posts go to the right of the door and head up. You should see the hat slightly above the door.

The Purple Mask

This next hat is a rather easy one to get. To get it head to the very bottom right corner of the map.

You will be on a small island with a few tables and the mask should be lying next to a npc wearing it. Go up and grab the mask. That’s all there is to it.

Burger Hat

*Requirement*This is The only free hat that takes a requirement to get. To have access to the area where you get this hat you need to have 750 hours.

The burger hat can be found at the Dairy Hut.

Just head to the back and go through the door that leads behind the counter ( need 750 hours). The hat is lying on the floor in the back right corner.

The Chocobo Hat

This is one of the free hats that involve traveling by the vortex system on iEra. The starting vortex is behind the stairs to the helicopter pad in the north.

Go through the vortex and it will begin to send you southward.

After about a minute or so, you will be on the balcony of Jessie’s head shop in Southridge.

Make your way inside and you should see the hat on the floor.

The Black Helmet

This next hat also uses the vortex system. The starting vortex is found behind the building at the car impound lot in the north.

Enter the vortex and it will bring you on to the roof of Evade’s Hat Shop. The hat will be lying there right on the roof.

The Easter Hat(s)

In this next spot you can actually get one of three different hats. Since you can only pick one I only have a picture of one of the three hats. All three are pretty much the same since they relate to the Easter bunny. This was the Easter quest hat but is still available for players to get.

First off, make your way to the nuclear power plant near the Gangster Zone base.

Once inside make your way around the front desk and head to the door in the back of the room.

Now you will come across some mutant rabbits. Fight past them and head to the right at the end of the hallway.

You will now be in another room filled with mutant rabbits. Fight your way down towards the hole in the ground. When you get down there go through the hole.

You will now be in a long blood-stained hallway. Follow it until you get to a large room with giant mutant rabbits.

You now have to kill all the giant mutant rabbits in the room. Once you complete this, some explosions should appear and you’ll appear in a room with three Easter hats to choose from.

The Crono Hat

This hat doesn’t require you to go to any specific location but can still take some time to get. For this hat you will need to purchase a shovel (or two) from either Israfel’s Shell Shop or from Bell’s Shell Shop. The way you get the hat is by digging up and killing cronos. Cronos can be dug up on any spot where there is grass. The best place to do this is in your house so the Cronos can’t attack you.

Start digging them up and once you have a few dug up you can kill them. They can occasionally drop items found in debugs and freebies.

Eventually after you kill several of them, a message will pop up saying that you received the hat.

I hope that you found this guide useful and I look forward to any feedback. Thanks

The Rainbow Shogun Hat

To get this hat head on over to the new Ebziou hangout on the out side wall of the Gangster Zone base.

Once inside, head to the back room where you will see a door way to your right and to your left. To get the doorway to the right to open you will need to meditate for 7 minutes in the room. However, before you can meditate you need to purchase the meditation rug which can only be bought after you have sat for 5 minutes in the room.

Once you have sat for 5 minutes a message will pop up saying that you can now buy the carpet for 250$ on the table in the middle of the room.

Now just use the meditate rug and meditate for 7 minutes.

Eventually another message will pop up saying that you can now enter the room to the right. Head into the room and you’ll see the hat lying towards the back.

Credit: NCJohn

Original source: Era hat guide


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