How To make Graal Video’s

This is a step-by-step guide to making your very own Graal video. I hope you guys will get some help from this!


1. Figure out what kind of video you would like to make. It could be anything you choose from romantic, to funny! Also figure out how many people you will need.


2. Find the people that you are going to do the video with. i would advise that it was your friends or guild mates.


3.Go to the location you will be taking the video at.


4.I would advise you to go on pc and take screenshots.


5.Take a screenshot for every sentence the people you are making the movie with say.


6. Go to a place where you can make a slide show. There are many so try to find one!


Example of screenshot

7. Put your pictures in order and you can set the time of each slide.


. Add music or whatever you want. There you go! A movie




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