-Hide & Seek Tips-

Hey everybody 🙂 These are 5 quick tips to success in winning hide and seek on iclassic 😉 Enjoy-Kaire

1)Try and predict the area the admin(s) will hide next (I would choose a less populated area)

2)Try and explore iclassic graal and find all the places and secrets in them! If you do you will know more about the places and have a better chance when you get the hint

3)For extra fast speed use a horse and consume 5 bushes for extra speed(DO NOT SAY FOUND WHILE ON HORSE)

4)Say found immediately when you find the admin(OFF THE HORSE) and try not to get laggy Internet as possible to be more faster.

5)Try getting an ipad while playing graal the bigger screen increases you chances of finding the admin because how large of area you see on the ipad comparing to an iPhone and so…

Well here was kaire and 5 Quick facts to win hide and seek on iclassic 🙂


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