Helpful Farming Tips + Guide

Hello everyone this is Kairi ! ~ One of the new hired admin ~ Anyways im here to give you some helpful Farming tips and information!

~Gralats in graal ARE VERY IMPORTANT! They are currency in graal to buy NEARKY EVERYTHING in graal (Some items don’t need gralats to buy them some need holiday tokens or honor points).

Here is great guide on how to earn Gralats by Farming, as well as catching bugs and killing pirates: How to Earn Gralats [With Video]

1) Where to start farming?

Well the best places to farm is somewhere were many people are. Choosing from a public place or a private place (a house)

Private(house or secret place) *If you want privacy for other but the gralat rate is low*:

Public(anywhere people are/is)*Medium/High rate of gralats but can be stolen by others*:

2) How to farm effectively (Best you can)

Theres only 1 way the most effective way possible for both horse and normal farming by hand

The horse farming is quite easy just stay in the middle of 2 row lanes of the grass and blow:

It’s well effective at the best can go both horizantal or vertical either or works also it is more easier to do this than the hand version

Now for hand just look at the grass and make a square put the bomb in the middle of all the squares and BOOM! 8 rows are blown!:

You can also throw the bomb but it’s harder since you have to aim and measure but very effective.

3)Stacking gralats to valuer gralats:

Well this is only available at best in houses (private house)

Farming Income – Gralats value:







Anyways they stack like this!

This works by first bombing a grass area than a gralat appears which you don’t grab and keep bombing until it changes color and becomes more of value.

4)Safe gralats:

To have safe gralats in public places you must run VERY fast for your gralats or they will be taken!

But in private places (YOUR house)you can tap gralats twice to lock them(no one can take these except when you touch the gralats if it’s locked or unlocked you still take it)

~5)Free farmers & High gralat rates

Free farmers

Free farmers are yet very useful but very untrusty because some free farmers are good at farming and will stay there while most others are just glitchers looking for gralats to steal.

High gralat rates

If  you wanna know what it means that more gralats will appear increasing your chances of one.Well to get higher gralat rates is to have more people were you are as admins said no having LAG

~Well thank you for reading this ^.^ it took me at least a month to do this 🙂 Please comment any suggestions or questions that should be added to this guide thank you 🙂

~Kairi~ (Graal name: ~x3* ~Kairi~ &,)


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