Gracie’s Hat Guide Part 1

Hey Guys!

People often PM me saying “Where did you get that hat Gracie?”. This is beginning to bug me, and also, this guide will help you find hats!

As you PROBABLY already know (probably that is xD) some hats are available in Nexus, Club Crypt, Rev or Onnet General Store. There IS a reason they don’t come back. Because its to make them RARE. Imagine if hats stayed in stores forever. How boring would that be? NO RARE HATS >,<! Occasionally, there’s also some in Tailor Richaards. So keep checking there too.

First I will start with the angel wing caps/head bands. They are available in Angel Clan Hat Store. The caps are 7500 gralats. The hair bands are 2500 gralats. (Caps, 7.5k Pic 1)

Next I will show you the Masks, Beanies, Suds and Box hat! They are located in the newly renovated Naftets River Hat Store. Prices:

  • Beanie: 4700 gralats.
  • Suds: 1400 gralats.
  • Cat Mask: 3600 gralats.
  • Panda Mask: 2500 gralats
  • Box: 4200 gralats.
  • Ear Muffs: 7600 gralats.
  • Raccoon Mask: 6200 gralats.
  • Shadow: 6200 gralats.
  • Fae Mage: 9985 gralats.
  • Purple Kitty: 6400 gralats.
  • Book: 3500 gralats.
  • Rhino: 4200 gralats.
  • Jelly fish: 1900 gralats.
  • Elephant: 3600 gralats.
  • Fury:15000 gralats.
  • Virus: 3300 gralats. (Most hats, pic 2)

More coming soon.

thanks guys xx




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