Hello Everyone.

Gaaloween is just around the corner and with a few new updates for graaloween is should be a blast! Graaloween in the past has not been very much on graal. But this year i don’t know what it is but the graal staff have really tried to make it special. This year they have included ‘The Witch’ who is apparently a real nerd on Halloween. She Carry’s around with her a broom which is used as a mount. When you find her, approach her and she’ll ask you Halloween trivia questions to win the prize!

Crows have also been added right of onnet general store. You can buy them as pets to have in your guild house to make it even more creepy!

Also ghosts have been added around graal. They carry candy in them. If you follow them they’ll soon drop the candy for you to snatch! Im not 100% sure what the candy shall be used for but I’m sure they’re will be some sort of reason!

As usual for every special occasion on graal Hats get added to onnet town general store. They’re rumours that the hats shall go on sale on the 31st of October. Revolution may also open for the special occasion which will also have hats and mounts sold in for graaloween!

Have a great Halloween and don’t be to scary!


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