Graal Classic Trading System?

Hah, few have been making feed backs for a trading system on Graalonline Classic. Maybe others just want to give their friends some items, gralats, furniture etc; or maybe give them everything if they are quitting for-ev-er (but not your kills or hours etc…otherwise that’s cheap). But then again, that could lead to even more, and worse scams.

Back to the topic. This is a Trading SystemThis is what I say: Peeps should be able to trade 10 gralats for a tiny bed with someone or such and such info for such and such gralats…hopefully they wont make the ability to trade pics…or 2 gralats for a certain code etc. With this system, there are lower chances of successful scamming…if you get what I mean.

This is one appropriate way of starting to trade: Before planning to trade with someone, every item you have (rat, hamburger, firework, furniture…clothing?) has an option of being transferred to your trading list. After saving at least one, talk with the Graalian your going to trade with first, then one of you are going to do this: tap on the Graalian, then on More Actions. There would be a Trade option. Tapping on it would send an invitation to trade. After the Graalian (hopefully) agrees to trade, you will see the list of the items you put for trading.

When the items are confirmed, a pm will go to each person saying: Would you like to trade your blah blah with blah blah? (without the blah blah’s)

And then you’ll get the idea…if I had explained it properly at least (which I never) Post your ideas in the comments XD (this maybe useful in era too)

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