Fast way to kill baddies

Killing baddies can be one of the toughest things to do on
graal, here are 3 easy steps on how to kill baddies easily and quickly Gonflables Noël

Step 1. Find a baddie (or a group to make it quicker)

Step 2. Drop around 3-5 Santa bombs all on the 1 bomb (just
tap the Santa bomb icon 5 times really fast)

Step 3. Once the Santa bombs have exploded the baddie(s) should
be dead if not shoot an arrow or sword itgiant inflatable water slides

If using regular bombs the best way to kill it is to drop 1
bomb then run around the bomb when it explodes you most likely will lose some
health but the baddie will lose allot more health (repeat if baddie still isn’t


This may seem like a very expensive way of killing baddies
but after the baddie is dead it usually drops 5 bombs and 5 arrows and
sometimes gralatssumo package

the best places to do this is on classic Facebook server,
balamb island but if you don’t have Facebook server try swamp (regular server)
the less people there, the more baddies you have to kill and you have less
chance of getting your gralats, bombs and arrows stolen sumo wrestling suits for sale.

By Mrfroggy


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