Events Tricks & Tips

Hello Graalians.

Today I’m going to help you with events. Events are fun but even more fun when you win! There are many different events in graal and there are many ways to win them. Here are some examples on each event:


Sumo is one event where you need to have friends and allies to success or just pure luck. Sumo is the event which there is paths which on each side is water. When you fall into the water you are eliminated. To success in this event having ‘team mates’ does help. Grouping up in the one spot and covering each angle which people can attack will help you stay in longer.


Survival is a personal favorite of mine for many reason. Survival is when players must battle it out to be last man standing. This event also includes baddies which should be avoided at all times. Never waste your time trying to kill someone who has ‘1’ or more health because it will just lead to you being eliminated. Try buying burgers before the event and just run round hitting people who have ‘1’ or ‘0.5’ health only will increase your chances. Once hit more than twice go to a spot which has not many people around you and eat a burger which puts you health up. Let people battle it out and kill each other instead of you getting hit.

Bush/Ice races:

Bush races and ice races are another favorite of mine. They are very fun but require patients. The saying “Slow and steady wins the race” certainly applies here. Rushing will get you nowhere but restarting the race. For the ice race a good tip is the wear a large hat which will make your player stand out in the crowd so you can navigate your way round the course easier. Take the race slow and steady to stay on the path and increase your chance on winning! Bush races are exactly the same, just take it slow and steady and stay on the course.

Hide and Seek:

Hide and Seek just requires knowing the map. Look round the map and look for key places which could one day appear in a hint!


Thanks for reading everyone, and good luck in the events.



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