There is something awesome about Graal that everyone loves. Events! Today I am going to explain all of the events in Zone. So enjoy!

Hide and Seek:
Hide and seek is one of the most common events of them all. It’s been
Since classic came out. Basically an admin goes and hides and announces
He is hiding. What to do? You just simply find him and say “Found”. If
You are the first one to say it you win what he announced.

Risk or Keep
Risk or Keep is a game of trivia.  Basically  2 players compete
Against each other to solve a question that the admin announces. The
pot starts at 50 gralats and goes forward 50 gralats. Risk: If you won
The trivia question you can risk or keep. The risk is to increase the pot
To 50 meaning it goes to 100 Gralats. Keep: If you decided to keep you
Get the winning and kicked out and the pot goes back to 50 gralats. If
You lose or don’t answer the question correctly before your friend you
Will be kicked out of the arena. Bonus round: When the admin calls out
“Bonus Round” it’s basically a regular round except for if you win you
Can bring back anyone who is out of the arena. Final Round: When the
Last 2 people are remaining the admin throws in a hat along with how
Much money is in the pot. The player who wins the final round receives
Both prizes.

Rambo is a combat party game. The admin goes into big form and has
around 10,000 health. This takes place in the battle arena. The first
person to kill Rambo wins the game.

Trivia is a game of Trivia. When an admin announces “Trivia” the admin
Gives them a question and the first 10 people to answer the question
Correctly will be warped or dragged by the admin. When 10 lucky people
Get to the place the admin will start calling out questions. Any sort
of search website is allowed and not called cheating. After the match
is over everyone will be warped back out and the final player to be
standing wins what the admin has announced.

Sorry guys no picture :/ This is due to me posting this durring no events that are current right now.



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