Era Newbie Guide

If your new to era you MUST read this.

Getting Started:

Gun is the first thing you need to buy on Era to protect yourself from others. There are two options. You can choose if your going to Spar or PK/Basing. If your going to spar I prefer buying Shipka for it. Shipka gun is located on Gas Shell Shop near Astro. If your going to PK/Basing you should buy BAR it’s located on Gun Point. If your going to Spar + Pk/Basing you should buy the two, if you can’t afford Shipka or BAR you can buy other guns on other gun shops.

To get/buy guns you need to save up gralats. Gralats is the currency on Era. There is many ways to get it.

Digging is a best way to get money. It’s the best way to get money for me. You can dig by buying shovels on the shop, There are two shell shop one on north and one on south. The first one is located near the Era Bank and the second one is located on the south near the Southridge Bridge.

Picking Trashes is also a way to get money. You will just go around and pick the trashes everywhere. To get the trash pick go the Recycling Store or what they call it it’s located near Era News on start, you can also put the papers and other that can be recycled on the shop. There is two shops, the other shop is on southridge near the shell shop.

After you save up money/gralats for a gun, There is many things you need to do before you can go fight on spar/bases

Getting a Body/Head from shops. You can locate shops by Map. There is an optional thing if your good on GFX, you can draw/design/recolor a body or head on your PC and upload it on Era upload. You can get heads or body templates on the web. You can also buy hats on shops around era.

The last thing to do is to Own/Join a Gang. Joining/Owning a Gang is a big part of Era. You can buy a gang by pressing the menu > Gangs > Create Gang. If your joining a gang ask the leader or a member that can recruit you.

Buying A Car (Optional) tired of walking? You can buy a car if you want. Car shop is located above the beach Near the north shell shop. There is many cars you can choose. So good luck choosing.

Source: Charles Graalians

Source: Newb guide


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