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House/Furniture Codes

Even in your house can use special code. Click an object in your house, and then press on the bomb. Here you will be able to change the text of the objector change it action if it has one. Type certain terms, something special appears. (I was one of the first players to find this out not to brag again).
Here’s a list:

#i(_____) = To Put Graal Images into
#n = To Show Username
#x = Graal Symbol
#z = Graal Symbol
#l = Left Arrow
#h = Graal head picture
#g = User Guild
#d = Down Arrow
#a = Graal User Number
#u = Up Arrow
#y = Japanese Symbol
#r = Right Arrow
#1 = User Sword Code
#2 = User Shield Code
#3 = User Head Code
#4 = Graal Health Image
#8 = User Body Code

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11 thoughts on “House/Furniture Codes”

  1. Oreo Obeymeh says:

    forgot #a, #b, #c too :3

    1. sebbel says:

      #L = the warp location for the current place (inside/outside gh house)

  2. Witch Goddess says:

    #i(rainbowlol.png) thats how some people made codeshops

  3. janno says:

    how u put gohst body on u in graal the game

  4. death says:

    ? i house codes

    Add me 😀
    name: iSnow*

  5. Chloe says:

    How do you do the one where you say something, check the item and it says exactly what you said?

  6. C87 says:

    how do you put a head and a body on furniture where it shows your head and your body and your shield?
    Name: C87*

  7. Mariel says:

    I dont like bla bla bla..
    .. 😡

    1. Hikame Pixel says:

      Wow yu comment after my birthday lol who cares about that .-.

    2. Hikame Pixel says:

      Wow yu comment after my birthday lol who cares about that .-.

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