Candy Land Key Quest Guide! (Graal Era)

A guide by Hero

1st. Grab Chefs hat behind speed pizza (near lokki hats)

2nd. Take the Chef hat into speedy pizza and give it to geovani he will then give you a scarf.

3rd. Take the scarf to the top of core electronics (east of mephs furniture) she will then give you a ribbon.

4th. Take the ribbon to arlene’s fashion shop located at southridge. Arlene will then give you a shirt.

5th. Take the shirt to the vague fashion shop. She will then give you a bible.

6th. Take the bible to the church. owen will then tell you to check out the sewer near tachi zone.

Once inside the sewer kill the bears for the key. Enjoy!

Credit: Hero

Source: graalians

16 thoughts on “Candy Land Key Quest Guide! (Graal Era)

    1. Rey

      The chef hat is not behind the speedy pizza anymore, I don’t know where it it
      There needs to be an updated wiki for graal era

  1. Minnie

    Hello You Fellow Graalians As You All Can See That Quest Was To The 2012 Players Era is Now Updated Which Means You Can’t Find A Speedy’s Pizza Place That Looks Like That So The Quest Was Probably For 2012-2014 Players And I Also Noticed That I Commented This In 2016 So Yeah I Hope You Guys Understand What I’m Trying To Say 🙂


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