Here are over 400 Custom Male Heads for Graal Classic (may work for Zone and Era)

Some GIF/animated will have black backgrounds click them to see their animations. Animated Gifs have eyes close/open, etc., to make your custom even more alive!

Do not Save thumbnails – it will not work – save the linked image!

Click on custom that you like – it will open in new tab. Save image from new tab. Then you can upload it to GraalOnline and it will work! Customs may be animated GIFs or PNG files with alpha-transparency. If you save thumbnail, you lose all the extra features!

See what your custom will look like with other heads, bodies and swords

Preview your custom character by mixing Bodies, Heads, Shields & Hats to see what they will look like: Graal Character Viewer

(All-in-one Drag and Drop viewer to test out heads and bodies hats and shields before you upload them to the game – works for PC and iOS)

Also check out our full Graal Male Head customs archive.