7 Best Way to Get FREE Gralats – 100% Works

This is how to earn Gralats in Graal Online (Classic, Era, Zone) without cheating or hacking. There are so many gem “creators” or “generators” out there, both as apps and websites, and all of them are scams. If you use these generators, you risk losing your account and all achievements.

Gift Cards Redeemed on FreeMyApps Android
Gift Cards Earned on Android
Gift Cards Redeemed on FreeMyApps iOS
Gift Cards Earned on iPhone

Here I will show you the fast and easy way to earn Gralats the legit way on iOS and Android!

The most efficient method that I recommend the most – 100% legit – is to use FreeMyApps:

I will also discuss other methods of earning Gralats in game, but these methods are much slower, and not as efficient.

With FreeMyApps, you can earn points for installing different apps, trying offers, doing short surveys and inviting friends.

Once you get 3000 points, you can redeem them for $10 gift card for Play Store/iTunes to get Gralats (or Amazon/Prepaid VISA, and many other Gift Cards).

Use $10 in App Store or Play Store credit for 27500 Gralats!

This ONLY works on iOS and Android devices! You cannot use this on desktop computer / Chromebook / etc.

Please visit this page from a Smartphone or Tablet to get Free Gralats.

How to get Free Gralats:

In this guide, I will show you how to sign up for FreeMyApps on Android and iOS devices, and how to earn more credits faster. I will also discuss alternatives for FreeMyApps.

Step 1) Sign up for FreeMyApps

First I will show you how to get started with FreeMyApps on iOS Devices, as this is a little more complex.

To sign up, you will need to connect to your Facebook account (just to verify your identity). The app will not post anything to you public profile. You will not need to have FB app installed, since connection can be done with browser.

How to Install FreeMyApps on iPhone/iPad

On iOS you will not need to install a FreeMyApps app. Instead you will install a system profile so that FreeMyApps website can verify when you try apps or do other offers. You then keep track of your points from a web browser (works only on Safari).

  1. Go to FreeMyApps to sign up. If you are not in Safari, long-press (tap & hold) this link, copy it and paste in Safari browser. Once you navigate to the page, you will see the below site. Click on Get Started.

    Gets Started with FreeMyApps

  2. Next you will be asked to install a system profile. Click yes / install and then verify with your admin pin.

    INSTALLING FreeMyApps Profile on iPhone or iPad

  3. Once you verify the profile with your pin, it is installed and you can go back to FreeMyApps website and start earning points!
    FreeMyApps Profile Installed Successfully on iPhone or iPad - Enter Device Pin
  4. Once you are all signed up and connected to your FB account, you can begin to install apps and ry offers to earn points. Again, you get $10 in gift cards for every 3000 points. App installs on iOS generally give you MORE points than same apps on Android, so you should always opt to use this on you iPhone/iPad if you have that option.
  5. Another great way to get points fast in by inviting your friends – you will receive 200 points (or $0.67) for each friend you refer!

    Inviting Friends in FreeMyApps to earn 200 points

  6. Earning points by installing apps: Click on the app that gives you most points for install. Most of the time, you will be taken straight to App Store listing to install and try the app. Sometimes you will need to find the needed app in search results.
  7. Redeeming points for iTunes gift card: Once you have 3000 or more points, you can redeem it for a $10 App Store gift card / credit. 1st, click “Redeem” in top right corner, and scroll down to your desired gift cards. Tap on it, and redeem. You will get the iTunes gift card code. Tap and hold the code to copy it.

    FreeMyApps Redeem Points for Gift Cards

    Next, go to App Store app, scroll to the bottom of main screen and tap Redeem button, where you will use the gift card code to get app store credit.

    Redeem App Store Credit

    Tap on the “You can also Enter your code manually” box to past the code and tap redeem!

    Enter App Store Gift Card Code

    Paste your code and get the credit. It all takes less than a minute.

FreeMyApps earnings March 2017Now that you have the App Store credit you can buy Gralats fro game store! Again $10 is enough to buy 27500 Gralats, and there is absolutely no cheating / hacking, and no risk for your account!

You can really increase your Gralats earning very fast if you invite many friends (and they start using the app). On a good day I get 1200-1800 points (on bad days 400-800). Here are the gift cards I’ve redeemed in Dec 2016 – see below:

Installing FreeMyApps on Android

On Android phones and tablets everything is very straight forward – you install the app, and earn points within the app.

Here is a good video that walks you through installing FreeMyApps on Android, earning points, redeeming them for Play Store credit, and using credit for in-app / in-game purchases.

  1. First step is to install FreeMyApps app from Play Store. Once you install the app, connect it to your Facebook account.
  2. Start installing apps, trying offers and inviting friends to earn points.
  3. Again, inviting friends is the fastest way to earn many points.

Alternative Methods to Earn Gralats

I have tried over 20 different apps and websites, to find the best option for players who’d like to get Gralats without spending real money. Most of them are either very slow, or never pay out. You can find the best options below.

Most alternative apps similar to FreeMyApps require you to register with your name, email, address, and often require that you live in the US. I found that strictly “survey” apps never pay you and are just a waste of time.

Earning Gralats in game:

You can check our complete guide on how to make gralats in game here.

In few words, you can do the following:

  1. Catch bug, butterflies and sell them to the Witch for 50 gralats each – very slow!
  2. Farming – you can farm special lands, to find gems worth 5+ gralats. Again pretty slow method, but more efficient that catching butterflies.
  3. Hunt and kill pirates, to earn gralats. Similar to farming in earning speed.

The in-game Gralats earning can take you several days to make 27500 Gralats. At the same time with FreeMyApps, you can do that in just 2-3 hours! If you start inviting your fiends, you can make much more that 50000 Gralats pretty fast!

Also, check out these secret Graal places: Secret gralats 1, Secret gralats 2, Secret gralats 3 and Secret gralats 4.

Note: You get credit immediately as a redeem code – no waiting or getting cards in the mail. You can redeem 2 gift cards in a 24 hour period (2x 3000 points = $20 or 2x 4500 points = $30, and so on). Most people will not have this issue, as it will be fairly hard to earn 3000+ points in one day.