Commands iclassic

What are the commands that I can use in iClassic and what do they do ?

List of Commands

  • showkills
    Shows how many times you’ve killed.
  • showdeaths
    Shows your death count.
  • showonlinetime
    Shows how long you’ve been online (total time).
  • showap
    Displays your current alignment.
  • showguild
    Shows a list of members of your guild that are currently online.
  • showguild [guildname]
    Shows a list of members of [guildname] that are online.
  • setsword [imagename]
    Changes your sword looks (skin) to [imagename].
  • setshield [imagename]
    Changes your shield looks (skin) to [imagename].
  • unstick me or unstuck me
    Warps you back to the starting point (don’t walk 10 seconds before using it).
  • showrps or :rpsstats
    Shows your wins, looses & ties of your RPS stats.
  • hidehours or showhours
    Hides / shows your online time in your profile to the public. Youself will always see it.
  • showlag
    Shows your latency in ms (milliseconds). 1000ms = 1 second