Alignment Point (AP) Guide

A guide by reyalS

On Sunday, December 9th 2012 an AP (Alignment Point) system was added to Graal. AP is a measurement of how good or bad you are, if you PK you will lose AP and have a darker name, if you don’t PK you will slowly gain AP and eventually become a saint.


If you have have maximum AP you will be labeled a saint. As a saint you are immune from sword damage, but you cannot block.
There are several places where AP is gained faster. Places include:

Sister Gertrude’s Orphanage

The Graal City Cathedral


The Angel Clan Chapel


The York Town Church


In addition to all of this, you can automatically gain AP by completing the Daily Assault on Pyrat Bay. But be careful not to kill anyone!



As a “PKer” with under 30 AP you will not be able to heal with beds or food.
There is NOT a speed boost for being a PK

Sparring does not lower your AP.

A guide by reyalS

Source: Graalians

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