The Ultimate RPS Guide!!

updated 06/30/2012 (M/D/Y)

Here is the ultimate Rock Paper Scissors(RPS) Guide!! (For Classic)

This contains all locations of the Hats !!

Before you can bet with any NPC´s, you have to battle the “king” first. His name is “Lufish (King of R.P.S.)”. When you go to the Unstick Point in Graal City, walk to the right. It is the second House. Enter this, go left and than up. To bet with him you need 200 Gralats / round. As reward you get the RPS ability. Have luck




      1. The Chefs Hatis located at the Burger Refuge in Graal City. The NPC is called “Head Chef”.

        Costs: 400 Gralats / round
      2. The GPs Hat is located at the GP Station next to Revolution in North Graal City.

        Costs: 300 Gralats / round
      3. The Snow Hat is located in Snowtown close to the PK zone (the building got 2 doors). Go up one floor and there he is. The NPCs name is “Luda”.

        Costs: 300 Gralats / round
      4. The Miners Hat is located in the Cave to Belle Island. The NPCs name is “Jared the Miner”.

        Costs: 200 Gralats / round
      5. The Sailor Hat is located at Balamb Port under the Bomb & Arrow shop. The NPCs name is “Sailor Sally”.

        Costs: 300 Gralats / round
      6. The next hat, called the Bling Helmet, is located in the Bedroom at sardons.

        Costs: 300 Gralats / round Note Requirements: 300 Kills
      7. You can find the farmer hat located at the top right of the Bees Knees. It is sold by a guy named Mike Montgomery.

        Costs: 350 Gralats / round
      8. Head to north Graal City and bomb the cliff wall that is left of Revolution. Once inside, head into the waterfall and play against Frank (Worker) to win the Fossil hat.

        Costs: 500 Gralats / round
      9. You can find this hat in the toilet of Zol’s Pub. Play against Bill (Plumber) to receive the hat.

        //// iPhone exclusive.////
        Costs: 620 Gralats / round
      10. This hat is tricky to get to! It is sold under the large waterfall above Belle Island. You need to enter the water stream, which will take you to a cave level. The person who plays RPS for the bubble hat is to the right of the level named Sidney.

        //// iPhone exclusive.////

        Costs: 800 Gralats / round
      11. The Scuba hat is located in the railroads cave next to revolution. The NPCs name is “Scuba Noob”.

        Costs: 900 Gralats / round
      12. This hat is in The Resort at Snowtown. It requires 1000 hours to enter, and the girl to play against is in the top right room.

        /// Facebook exclusive.///
        Costs: 1000 Gralats / round Note: Snowtown Resort: require 1000 Hours
      13. Go to the war room in the Graal City spar arena, bomb the south west wall and follow the path. Once you’re inside the main grassy level, enter the cave and
        play against Exodus for the helmet.

        ///Facebook exclusive.///

        Costs: 1200 Gralats / round

flower hatin Azreal’s night club

another in deadwood under the pumpkin patch NPC name:scarecrow
scare crow







disguise mask in the cave near little red barn furniture


Mage hat, go trough the new deadwood cave until you get to this hill

TiNe is located in a house below Nafet´s river bridge (under Taylor Richaards). Next to that you can find a 30 Gralats worth chest as well.

Costs: 200 Gralats / round


Sandwich hat in the new town ; york town

credits goes to my kind friend callimuc from graalians forum



updated 06/30/2012 (M/D/Y)

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  2. King Of Panther Reborn Akechi

    This guide wasn’t updated because alot of them are not in graal anymore 😉 maybe update it.

  3. Tømbøy Øriginal

    Why aren’t they here anymore I want them to come back I’m thinking old graal is better the graal now. Please bring it back!!!

  4. iSoul

    Hm… There are new ones btw…. One at the angel clan church, and another at the graveyard next to the church in graal city.

    1. golden star

      Found new ones!! Listen up.. Go to pyrat bay and enter the cave there go up and youll see a new cave go inside then go up. Youll see a cave with webs so use ur upgraded lantern then go inside ull find two chests go talk to the guy and bet that weird hat he found for 630 gralats.. And try to find tthis. Go to the cave where u give the guy a burger try to look for a loose wall bomb and keep finding finding loose walls to bomb. Ull. Find rat king and get the rat hat beware cuz there are tons of rats there.


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