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Candy Land Key Quest Guide! (Graal Era)

A guide by Hero 1st. Grab Chefs hat behind speed pizza (near lokki hats) 2nd. Take the Chef hat into speedy pizza and give it to geovani he will then give you a scarf. 3rd. Take the scarf to the top of core electronics (east of mephs furniture) she will then give you a ribbon. 4th. Take the ribbon to arlene’s fashion shop located at southridge. Arlene will then give you a shirt. 5th. Take the shirt to the vague fashion shop. She will then give you a bible. 6th. Take the bible to the church. owen will then tell… Read more »

Lost custom shield guide

If you’ve ever uploaded a custom shield and accepted it and forgot to write down the code and wasn’t sure how to get the shield code, then this is the guide for you disney inflatables.

New guides release and shields!!

Two new awesome guides have been released The status code guide Fast way to kill baddies Also the shield section has been opened! enjoy

House/Furniture Codes

Even in your house can use special code. Click an object in your house, and then press on the bomb. Here you will be able to change the text of the objector change it action if it has one. Type certain terms, something special appears. (I was one of the first players to find this out not to brag again). Here’s a list: #i(_____) = To Put Graal Images into #n = To Show Username #x = Graal Symbol #z = Graal Symbol #l = Left Arrow #h = Graal head picture #g = User Guild #d = Down Arrow… Read more »