Make iPod/iPhone Apps and make money

Hi all players and non-players of graal, I’ve been really keeping this back for a while, but now I’m going to let it all out and let you in a little bit of something. – The wonderful world of making money online. Look, we’ve all heard of ‘”app trailers” or “Bambo wallet” . I’m not going to lie, they do work, they are not “scams” but they take  a lot of work getting so called “points”. Getting thousands of people to use your “code” just to get a measly couple of dollars.

Create Your Own iPhone Apps And Make Money Online

How does one create an iPhone web application and can one really make a lot of money selling iPhone apps online?

First of all, anyone can EASILY create an iPhone app and make money online. However to be realistic, not everyone will become the next Ethan Nicholas – who created his first iPhone apps and went on to make more than $800,000 profit in his first 5 months.

“But what if I do not have any experience or know nuts about creating web applications?”

Frankly, to create an iPhone web application, you do not need to be a computer geek or genius. In fact, anyone with a little knowledge about using the computer or internet can easily create an iPhone application and start to make money. The process is quite easy and relatively straight forward.

First step to to get an idea. this is pretty easy. If you have friends who are iPhone owners, ask them what applications they would like to have. This research process will help you brainstorm some ideas to get you going. Easy!

Now that you have your idea, you could hire professional developers to make the apps for you but this will cost you thousands of dollars. Its a waste of money if you ask me. Why waste money if you could easily make an app that’s as good if not better!

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Still thinking this is silly and is all a reality and totally out of your hands? There are many success stories of little kids around the age of 12yrs creating simple apps and making a nice sum of money.

Watch this videos about A 14 yr old designs an app that has been downloaded 3 MILLION times

4 Cool Reasons Why You Should Create an iPhone Apps Today

  1. Well Compensated (Apple takes 30% and you get to keep 70% of everything you sell in the iPhone AppStore.)
  2. Enormous Opportunities (Millions of iPhone users and still growing. This enormous growth provides a fertile ground for small developers to create a fortune with little or no startup capital.)
  3. Nice Pocket money! (Once your iPhone apps start to make money, it keeps coming in, you can decide to keep making more or just sit back and relax.)
  4. Have fun and make money while you’re doing it!

Now before I let you into the wild, here’s a pro tip: Keep it small, keep it simple, and create an app that people will use over and over again.

If you’re just getting started and is interested in learning how to make money from selling Apple iPhone apps, check out the “How To” Guide to Create easy apps and make tons money having fun. This course is specifically designed for all those people out there that are looking to break into this business, but either don’t know how to get started or don’t know anyone in the business that can teach them. The Guide to Profiting With iPhone Applications will give you an advantage over 90% of the competition that are already out there!


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