Hi,I am new!

classic_personal_head_graal838198-102I edited this!

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9 thoughts on “Hi,I am new!

  1. Amy

    Plz need graalats I need to get free stuff
    I need the money for it like
    Can I pick my own free thing
    Can I get a free dress head animal
    SomeSomething like that????
    Plz get me free graalats dresses heads

  2. Amenda

    I love to upload heads body’s and i like his game its vary fun i love all kind of graal its fun kind of boring thow so yepits fun sometimes so bye bye.

  3. rodas

    It is cool and I like it but I got problem to upload on ma phone like there is something wrong but I don’t wat.hope u will do it easy to upload


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