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Graal Rumors

Graal on Android

Just heard a few rumors, Graal could be coming to Android soon! Yay!

9 thoughts on “Graal on Android”

  1. BigBlarg says:

    They already said “soon” multiple times. I’m not hoping anything to happen.

  2. metal says:

    Last time they said “soon” was April 2011

  3. josh says:

    Can we still play against the apple people?

  4. LKDD says:

    I have a glaxy s 3 and im hoping to play graal soon on android!!!!

  5. AriBaeri says:

    Hope So!!!!!!!!!!! :3 message me in graal: AriBaeri

  6. jake says:

    if they install iera to android everyone I done for they have already ruined it by letting pc players off of fb join and now southbridge is spawning trash a lot of players are quitting with all the lag the server is creating. If admins were smart and snk to they would creat a server for pkers and one for sparer’s. less lag = more fun and players.

  7. jake says:

    Try outs for sP are tonight at 8pm meeting at practice spar 0 in complex

  8. Sebastian says:

    It ALREADY is on android!

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