Classic Weekly Newspaper

Hats galore!

This week we see a large injection of hats!

The Hallowed Hex Hat Shop in Deadwood has been updated with four new hats!



The pets only area of the Swamptown Flea Market has been restocked!


New hats have been added to the Hallowed Hex Hat Shop in Deadwood.

Ye olde shop in Yorktown has been updated with a new supply of hats.

Eight new hats have been added to the shop inside of the castle! Very nice! I personally bought them all lolz


Four new hats have been added to the Hallowed Hex Hat Shop.

~This weeks top tower takers~

  1. Chain of Memories
  2. Cruxis Evolution
  3. Characters Japan

The three Cs musketeers

~This weeks top PKers~

  1. P£¥t0N
  2. Centurion 7iMM@y
  3. Angel Fatal K.

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