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Pixel-Art games you might enjoy for android and iOS

Nimble Quest Nimble Quest is Snake on steroids. The classic RPG elements infused into it makes gameplay even more interesting. In place of a food-munching reptilian, there will be a party of heroes with the main hero as the snake’s head and secondary heroes forming its segments. Each hero will launch a specific attack when enemies come within its field of view. Knights will engage in melee attack, archers will arrow bomb monsters and mages will unleash spells to destroy zombies, bats and several monsters in the arena. The game ends if the main hero is killed, so make sure… Read more »

Graal Delteria – Is It Worth Your Time?

Bottom Line: If you’re a person who enjoys top down RPG games with a multiplayer element, this game is a decent way to fill the need. If you don’t have an interest in RPG games however, this game is passable at most.

Important for iOS users

iOS users are required to update to the latest firmware to continue playing graal. Make sure you update to iOS 5 or over.  This will apply to the following devices: iPhone 4 or older iPod 4 or older iPad 1 If you have any devices listed above please check you system software if it is iOS 5 or above.    

Graal Now available on Android via Amazon app store

All Graal games previously only available on iOS are now available on android via the amazon App store. Unfortunately the amazon app store is only available in the US, UK,  Germany, France, Italy and Spain. There has been news that the amazon app store is expanding to 200 countries in the coming months, including Canada and Australia. Update: The Android version is now available in 170 more countries via amazon appstore. Happy playing in Canada, Austria & co! At the time of writing graal is only available on the amazon apps store for android but will soon be on the… Read more »

The Butt Pirates of Graal [Trailer]

UPDATE: Unfortunately, The Butt Pirates of Graal video was deleted from youtube. If you know where it’s hosted on other video sites, please send us a link (drop a line in comments). Original: Very cool trailer, must watch Preview Your Custom Character by mixing Bodies, Heads, Shields & Hats to see what they will look like: Graal Character Viewer All-in-one Drag and Drop viewer to test out heads and bodies hats and shields before you upload them to the game – works for PC and iOS

Play Graal Zone, Now FREE!

Graalonline Zone is now free on the app store. Zone is a futuristic shooter very similar to Graal era. There are lots of planets to visit. Lots of missions to do. There are plenty of fun things to do on zone! Try it now! What have you got to lose? It’s totally free! >> Link to graal zone on the app store <<

Great Free Games Like Minecraft V2


Minecraft alternatives for Free Minecraft is a popular game developed by Swedish developer Notch. This is a sandbox building game. The game is gaining popularity day by day. Minecraft also has a immense fan base. Here is a list of free Minecraft like games for you divided according to three platforms – PC, Browser and Android. For PC Epic Inventor Epic Inventor is a Minecraft like game with action. In this game the player is an inventor who has lost in the wilds. Here the player will must build tools & other important things. There is & a companion robot,… Read more »

iPad Mini: Take It or Leave It?

The New iPad (mini) If we are going to look at all technology websites today, we can see the trending topic today. It is the iPad mini. This mini-iPad was announced today in the California Theater in San Jose, California. Weeks before the announcement, a lot of people are buzzing around regarding the announcement of a new iDevice. They are speculating about an iDevice that is smaller than an iPad but bigger than an iPod touch. They also called it iPad air (like the MacBook Air for its small size). But do you think it is worthy of your money?… Read more »


Hello Everyone. Gaaloween is just around the corner and with a few new updates for graaloween is should be a blast! Graaloween in the past has not been very much on graal. But this year i don’t know what it is but the graal staff have really tried to make it special. This year they have included ‘The Witch’ who is apparently a real nerd on Halloween. She Carry’s around with her a broom which is used as a mount. When you find her, approach her and she’ll ask you Halloween trivia questions to win the prize! Crows have also… Read more »

Make iPod/iPhone Apps and make money

Hi all players and non-players of graal, I’ve been really keeping this back for a while, but now I’m going to let it all out and let you in a little bit of something. – The wonderful world of making money online. Look, we’ve all heard of ‘”app trailers” or “Bambo wallet” . I’m not going to lie, they do work, they are not “scams” but they take  a lot of work getting so called “points”. Getting thousands of people to use your “code” just to get a measly couple of dollars. Create Your Own iPhone Apps And Make Money… Read more »