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6 Free No Lander Hats

Here are the locations of the 6 nolander hats released earlier; they’re all free! Red: in jsi museum Green: in the house on the beach next to the unstick me hospital Purple: in the magus subway Rainbow: in the secret sewer shop (in southridge, all the way down; run into the wall on the far left) Glowing: box factory Cyan: in the hotel below kuronekos shop (you don’t have to glitch, use the elevator and tackle the windows)

Graal Font Book

The Graal Font book is a collection of fonts compatible with the game Graal. The font book prides itself to be the largest Graal font book. Even has pictures to represent the fonts for easy picking.

Graal Era Chat commands

Full list 100% of all emoticons and commands in era enjoy! To close the application /quit To unstick to a local area unstuck me unstick me unstickme Player Emoticons 🙂 😀 :p 😉 :/ :\\ x_x x-x 🙁 :frown :frown: cry :cry 😥 😮 eek :eek 😮 😕 confused :confused :confused: :! ❗ :idea 💡 lol :lol 😆 rofl :rofl :rofl: :asleep :asleep: :pm :pm :mad 😡 :phone :phone: :sorry :sorry: :kitty :kitty: <3 :heart :heart: :love :love: :afk :afk: :brb :brb: :apple :apple: :yummy :yummy: :cool 😎 Action commands :sit :sit: /sit :walk :walk: :run :run: flipcoin /flipcoin :flipcoin:… Read more »

Candy Land Key Quest Guide! (Graal Era)

A guide by Hero 1st. Grab Chefs hat behind speed pizza (near lokki hats) 2nd. Take the Chef hat into speedy pizza and give it to geovani he will then give you a scarf. 3rd. Take the scarf to the top of core electronics (east of mephs furniture) she will then give you a ribbon. 4th. Take the ribbon to arlene’s fashion shop located at southridge. Arlene will then give you a shirt. 5th. Take the shirt to the vague fashion shop. She will then give you a bible. 6th. Take the bible to the church. owen will then tell… Read more »

iEra Free Hat Guide

A guide by NCJohn Hey everyone; since a lot of people seemed to like my previous guide I decided to make another one. This one is for all the new players on iEra who are looking for some cool hats for their character. In this guide I’ll be showing how to get 8 free hats available on iera. I will continually update this guide when ever a new free hat is released.

iEra Money Making Guide

A guide by NCJohn Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve made one of my guides and I’ve been meaning to make this one for quite a while. This guide will be a 3 part series and will give you some of the best tips and tricks to making money on iEra. I will put out the other 2 parts once I get the time to make them. I hope you all find this useful, enjoy :d.

Era Newbie Guide

If your new to era you MUST read this. Getting Started: Gun is the first thing you need to buy on Era to protect yourself from others. There are two options. You can choose if your going to Spar or PK/Basing. If your going to spar I prefer buying Shipka for it. Shipka gun is located on Gas Shell Shop near Astro. If your going to PK/Basing you should buy BAR it’s located on Gun Point. If your going to Spar + Pk/Basing you should buy the two, if you can’t afford Shipka or BAR you can buy other guns… Read more »