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Guide to Earning Gralats

This describes 3 ways to earn Gralats in Graal. Method One: Get a catching net, and catch bugs, flies and butterflies. You can then sell these for 50 gralats to a witch! Method Two: Find farming fields and start farming – you will get different gems, that are worth different amounts of gralats. This is second fastest way to make gralats! Method Three: Go kill pirates – you get gralats for each pirate that you kill. This is (arguably) the most time-effective or fastest way to earn gralats!

Graal Font Book

The Graal Font book is a collection of fonts compatible with the game Graal. The font book prides itself to be the largest Graal font book. Even has pictures to represent the fonts for easy picking.

Mod town Quest Guide

A guide by twilit Now that the new “MoD Town has been opened, a new quest has also been released. The quest ends with allowed entry into a new hidden hat shop. WARNING: do not read if you want to figure this new quest on your own!!! Start: You need a burger before you start, so buy one from Burger Refuge. Now go to North Graal/MoD Town now I guess, and just follow the path straight north. Enter the cave and follow through the door (or small waterfall if you prefer), gets in the water and swim to right into… Read more »

Alignment Point (AP) Guide

A guide by reyalS On Sunday, December 9th 2012 an AP (Alignment Point) system was added to Graal. AP is a measurement of how good or bad you are, if you PK you will lose AP and have a darker name, if you don’t PK you will slowly gain AP and eventually become a saint. THE SAINT If you have have maximum AP you will be labeled a saint. As a saint you are immune from sword damage, but you cannot block. There are several places where AP is gained faster. Places include: Sister Gertrude’s Orphanage The Graal City Cathedral… Read more »

The Ultimate RPS Guide!!

updated 06/30/2012 (M/D/Y) Here is the ultimate Rock Paper Scissors(RPS) Guide!! (For Classic) This contains all locations of the Hats !! Before you can bet with any NPC´s, you have to battle the “king” first. His name is “Lufish (King of R.P.S.)”. When you go to the Unstick Point in Graal City, walk to the right. It is the second House. Enter this, go left and than up. To bet with him you need 200 Gralats / round. As reward you get the RPS ability. Have luck       The Chefs Hatis located at the Burger Refuge in Graal… Read more »

Complete tower and tower taking Guide!

Towers MoD – Tower This tower is mostly the most crowded PK place. Requirements: None Sardons At this Tower you can mostly expect to hold it better than the others. Spikes are complicating the way in. Requirements: 300 Kills Castle This is a very nice place to PK. It´s not too crowded and if your health is just 0.5, you can run out and get defeated (you won´t spawn out). Requirements: 50 Baddy kills Snowtown Fort I wouldn´t recommend this tower to PK. The ice makes it more complicated to fight others. On FB this supports the “King of the… Read more »

Events Tricks & Tips

Hello Graalians. Today I’m going to help you with events. Events are fun but even more fun when you win! There are many different events in graal and there are many ways to win them. Here are some examples on each event: Sumo: Sumo is one event where you need to have friends and allies to success or just pure luck. Sumo is the event which there is paths which on each side is water. When you fall into the water you are eliminated. To success in this event having ‘team mates’ does help. Grouping up in the one spot and… Read more »

Gracie’s Hat Guide Part 1

Hey Guys! People often PM me saying “Where did you get that hat Gracie?”. This is beginning to bug me, and also, this guide will help you find hats! As you PROBABLY already know (probably that is xD) some hats are available in Nexus, Club Crypt, Rev or Onnet General Store. There IS a reason they don’t come back. Because its to make them RARE. Imagine if hats stayed in stores forever. How boring would that be? NO RARE HATS >,<! Occasionally, there’s also some in Tailor Richaards. So keep checking there too. First I will start with the angel… Read more »

-Treasure Hunt Helpful Hints-

Well guys I thought if there was some hide and seek hints there may as well be some Treasure Hunting hints! Here’s a couple tips you might want to use… 1. Don’t be afraid to dig in unusual places! these chests could be buried ANYWHERE. 2. Most likely the chests will be in less populated areas. If you find that there isn’t anyone around, there is a good chance you might be able to find one. 3. Get away from people. Most areas with people have already been checked by people, and there is no reason to recheck that certain… Read more »

Helpful Farming Tips + Guide

Hello everyone this is Kairi ! ~ One of the new hired admin ~ Anyways im here to give you some helpful Farming tips and information! ~Gralats in graal ARE VERY IMPORTANT! They are currency in graal to buy NEARKY EVERYTHING in graal (Some items don’t need gralats to buy them some need holiday tokens or honor points). Here is great guide on how to earn Gralats by Farming, as well as catching bugs and killing pirates: How to Earn Gralats [With Video] 1) Where to start farming? Well the best places to farm is somewhere were many people are…. Read more »