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Guide to Earning Gralats

This describes 3 ways to earn Gralats in Graal. Method One: Get a catching net, and catch bugs, flies and butterflies. You can then sell these for 50 gralats to a witch! Method Two: Find farming fields and start farming – you will get different gems, that are worth different amounts of gralats. This is second fastest way to make gralats! Method Three: Go kill pirates – you get gralats for each pirate that you kill. This is (arguably) the most time-effective or fastest way to earn gralats!

6 Free No Lander Hats

Here are the locations of the 6 nolander hats released earlier; they’re all free! Red: in jsi museum Green: in the house on the beach next to the unstick me hospital Purple: in the magus subway Rainbow: in the secret sewer shop (in southridge, all the way down; run into the wall on the far left) Glowing: box factory Cyan: in the hotel below kuronekos shop (you don’t have to glitch, use the elevator and tackle the windows)

iZone Money Guide

$$ How to make money on Graal Zone $$ Jobs Alright, so I didn’t really see a guide that talks about all the jobs to earn money and talks about them in-depth, so I guess I will make one just for the heck of it! Also for the new players. . I will put Requires Money: which means if the job requires money to do the job. If I miss any of the Jobs please post it so I can edit and update it, I just got back into Zone so I might be missing a thing or two. Alright,… Read more »

Graal Font Book

The Graal Font book is a collection of fonts compatible with the game Graal. The font book prides itself to be the largest Graal font book. Even has pictures to represent the fonts for easy picking.

Zone missions!

 This post is about the missions. Missions are objectives that they tell you and rewarded. You can play with any people you would like to or play with your squad. Wanna go by yourself? Go for it! Now there are currently 5 missions up. There is Rescue (Far left upper corner), Cut Energy (Left of Rescue) Arctic (Middle one) Assault (Left of Arctic) and Bomb Them (Far right upper corner). Now I will explain each of these missions. Rescue: Rescue is a mission where you must Rescue 10 rebels around the map. Enemy’s will be around the map waiting for… Read more »


There is something awesome about Graal that everyone loves. Events! Today I am going to explain all of the events in Zone. So enjoy! Hide and Seek: Hide and seek is one of the most common events of them all. It’s been Since classic came out. Basically an admin goes and hides and announces He is hiding. What to do? You just simply find him and say “Found”. If You are the first one to say it you win what he announced. Risk or Keep Risk or Keep is a game of trivia.  Basically  2 players compete Against each other… Read more »

Squad capturing

If you have not seen this on zone this is basically the forts. There are 3 forts. Iricia (to my left) Choros (right behind me) and Conquest (to my right). These are what some people call “Planets”. I am now going to explain all of them. Iricia: Has 5 forts attacking side starts from Right center. Defenders start at bottom left corner. Squads must work together to capture all 5 bases and hold them for 25 seconds without interruption. Choros: Same as Iricia just different style. Conquest: Anyone can spawn anywhere. The defending team must hold base one for 5… Read more »

Mod town Quest Guide

A guide by twilit Now that the new “MoD Town has been opened, a new quest has also been released. The quest ends with allowed entry into a new hidden hat shop. WARNING: do not read if you want to figure this new quest on your own!!! Start: You need a burger before you start, so buy one from Burger Refuge. Now go to North Graal/MoD Town now I guess, and just follow the path straight north. Enter the cave and follow through the door (or small waterfall if you prefer), gets in the water and swim to right into… Read more »

Alignment Point (AP) Guide

A guide by reyalS On Sunday, December 9th 2012 an AP (Alignment Point) system was added to Graal. AP is a measurement of how good or bad you are, if you PK you will lose AP and have a darker name, if you don’t PK you will slowly gain AP and eventually become a saint. THE SAINT If you have have maximum AP you will be labeled a saint. As a saint you are immune from sword damage, but you cannot block. There are several places where AP is gained faster. Places include: Sister Gertrude’s Orphanage The Graal City Cathedral… Read more »

The Status Code Guide

status code guide

Intro Status code is just basic HTML coding. Text Editing Type these in to your Status. Green text means changeable with the below <blink> Example: <blink> text here will blink </blink> <b> Bold <u> underline <slash> Slashed your text <br> This skips a line! <center> This centers your text! Fun. remember to put </_____> = to end a status code (ex. </b> to end bold ) <font face=triforce> For Fonts, take a look at the Font Book <font color=green> Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple gold White Black Maroon Silver <font size=40> pick a number Example: <font color=red> <u> Example… Read more »