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Big customs cleanup and update

During this weekend, the customs section will undergo a major cleanup.  It is expected to reduce the customs database by 50%-60% by removing all duplicate and unwanted customs. Expect some downtown when we do some dusting. Also added: 200 new heads 66 new bodies      

Graal Now available on Android via Amazon app store

All Graal games previously only available on iOS are now available on android via the amazon App store. Unfortunately the amazon app store is only available in the US, UK,  Germany, France, Italy and Spain. There has been news that the amazon app store is expanding to 200 countries in the coming months, including Canada and Australia. Update: The Android version is now available in 170 more countries via amazon appstore. Happy playing in Canada, Austria & co! At the time of writing graal is only available on the amazon apps store for android but will soon be on the… Read more »

The Butt Pirates of Graal [Trailer]

UPDATE: Unfortunately, The Butt Pirates of Graal video was deleted from youtube. If you know where it’s hosted on other video sites, please send us a link (drop a line in comments). Original: Very cool trailer, must watch Preview Your Custom Character by mixing Bodies, Heads, Shields & Hats to see what they will look like: Graal Character Viewer All-in-one Drag and Drop viewer to test out heads and bodies hats and shields before you upload them to the game – works for PC and iOS

Play Graal Zone, Now FREE!

Graalonline Zone is now free on the app store. Zone is a futuristic shooter very similar to Graal era. There are lots of planets to visit. Lots of missions to do. There are plenty of fun things to do on zone! Try it now! What have you got to lose? It’s totally free! >> Link to graal zone on the app store <<

Custom Update

First custom updates for the new year! Check them out in the new release sections New customs are now thoroughly checked by our dedicated Quality Assurance Team to further improve the quality of customs. Have fun customizing!  

Graal Viewer Update

Hey, been doing some planning and am going to re-write Graal Viewer in C#. The first version was in VB.Net and isn’t as good as it could be. The next version will feature all the old features, hats, heads, bodies and will be getting shields. I will be starting work on this project tomorrow; but it will take a week or so due to other commitments (work)… After the release of the fixed up version I plan to complete my java one. (for Mac and Linux users). Stay tuned for more.

Improved Guides Section

The guides section is now better organized into each separate game (classic, era and future graalonine games coming out) During the restructuring some of the guides may have lost valuable comments, unfortunately we cannot recover them 🙁 Comments are not working at the moment throughout the site, we’re working on a fix ASAP  

Great Free Games Like Minecraft V2


Minecraft alternatives for Free Minecraft is a popular game developed by Swedish developer Notch. This is a sandbox building game. The game is gaining popularity day by day. Minecraft also has a immense fan base. Here is a list of free Minecraft like games for you divided according to three platforms – PC, Browser and Android. For PC Epic Inventor Epic Inventor is a Minecraft like game with action. In this game the player is an inventor who has lost in the wilds. Here the player will must build tools & other important things. There is & a companion robot,… Read more »

iPad Mini: Take It or Leave It?

The New iPad (mini) If we are going to look at all technology websites today, we can see the trending topic today. It is the iPad mini. This mini-iPad was announced today in the California Theater in San Jose, California. Weeks before the announcement, a lot of people are buzzing around regarding the announcement of a new iDevice. They are speculating about an iDevice that is smaller than an iPad but bigger than an iPod touch. They also called it iPad air (like the MacBook Air for its small size). But do you think it is worthy of your money?… Read more »