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New update

We have updated the website with tons of new heads and bodies. Head over to our customise section.

Pixel-Art games you might enjoy for android and iOS

Nimble Quest Nimble Quest is Snake on steroids. The classic RPG elements infused into it makes gameplay even more interesting. In place of a food-munching reptilian, there will be a party of heroes with the main hero as the snake’s head and secondary heroes forming its segments. Each hero will launch a specific attack when enemies come within its field of view. Knights will engage in melee attack, archers will arrow bomb monsters and mages will unleash spells to destroy zombies, bats and several monsters in the arena. The game ends if the main hero is killed, so make sure… Read more »

Graal Delteria – Is It Worth Your Time?

Bottom Line: If you’re a person who enjoys top down RPG games with a multiplayer element, this game is a decent way to fill the need. If you don’t have an interest in RPG games however, this game is passable at most.

Guide to Earning Gralats

This describes 3 ways to earn Gralats in Graal. Method One: Get a catching net, and catch bugs, flies and butterflies. You can then sell these for 50 gralats to a witch! Method Two: Find farming fields and start farming – you will get different gems, that are worth different amounts of gralats. This is second fastest way to make gralats! Method Three: Go kill pirates – you get gralats for each pirate that you kill. This is (arguably) the most time-effective or fastest way to earn gralats!

6 Free No Lander Hats

Here are the locations of the 6 nolander hats released earlier; they’re all free! Red: in jsi museum Green: in the house on the beach next to the unstick me hospital Purple: in the magus subway Rainbow: in the secret sewer shop (in southridge, all the way down; run into the wall on the far left) Glowing: box factory Cyan: in the hotel below kuronekos shop (you don’t have to glitch, use the elevator and tackle the windows)

iZone Money Guide

$$ How to make money on Graal Zone $$ Jobs Alright, so I didn’t really see a guide that talks about all the jobs to earn money and talks about them in-depth, so I guess I will make one just for the heck of it! Also for the new players. . I will put Requires Money: which means if the job requires money to do the job. If I miss any of the Jobs please post it so I can edit and update it, I just got back into Zone so I might be missing a thing or two. Alright,… Read more »

Important for iOS users

iOS users are required to update to the latest firmware to continue playing graal. Make sure you update to iOS 5 or over.  This will apply to the following devices: iPhone 4 or older iPod 4 or older iPad 1 If you have any devices listed above please check you system software if it is iOS 5 or above.    

Big customs cleanup and update

During this weekend, the customs section will undergo a major cleanup.  It is expected to reduce the customs database by 50%-60% by removing all duplicate and unwanted customs. Expect some downtown when we do some dusting. Also added: 200 new heads 66 new bodies      

Graal Font Book

The Graal Font book is a collection of fonts compatible with the game Graal. The font book prides itself to be the largest Graal font book. Even has pictures to represent the fonts for easy picking.

Graal Now available on Android via Amazon app store

All Graal games previously only available on iOS are now available on android via the amazon App store. Unfortunately the amazon app store is only available in the US, UK,  Germany, France, Italy and Spain. There has been news that the amazon app store is expanding to 200 countries in the coming months, including Canada and Australia. Update: The Android version is now available in 170 more countries via amazon appstore. Happy playing in Canada, Austria & co! At the time of writing graal is only available on the amazon apps store for android but will soon be on the… Read more »