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Big customs cleanup and update

During this weekend, the customs section will undergo a major cleanup.  It is expected to reduce the customs database by 50%-60% by removing all duplicate and unwanted customs. Expect some downtown when we do some dusting. Also added: 200 new heads 66 new bodies      

Customs Updated!

What has been update? Male heads have been updated, check them out in the new release section Female heads have been updated , check out the new release section animal/non human  updated section Bodies has been updated,  check out he new release section Expect in 2 week or so,  another update! Thanks for your patients for this long wait! any problem please email me 😎  

All In One Customs Viewer

All in One Graal Customs Viewer (Drag and drop or click above) A useful program to test out heads and bodies hats and shields  before you upload them to the game. Features Simple Drag and drop interface – Drag and drop any customs on to the app to view them Shield compatibility – Switch between iOS and PC to set correct offset Extremely easy to use user interface Supports – Heads, bodies, shields and hats Save Player and Share Where to get Customs artwork for Graal characters: We have an extensive selection of FREE customs: Bodies Male heads Female heads Shields… Read more »

Customs update!

Updated our customs section with over 700 fresh new customs The long wait was well worth it with this new update! Includes Heads, Bodies, shields and swords! From now on we will try to update every few weeks Promised. Well hope yous enjoy. Til then, cya next time!

Customs Update!!

Big Update for the customisation section!!This includes Bodies, heads, shields, and swords. This update also includes unedited, sold in shops customs for editing pleasure. please don’t be stupid and upload these, you can buy them in game for fraction of the price!! not only you waste your moneys you waste our server resources, ours and  the games. Male head, non human.animal and bodies now have part 2 because of their shear size!  

Customs Requests

Added heads, bodies, shields custom requests. Enjoy. Also if you use them please read our disclaimer. TY

Updated Customs

BIG update to our custom section, check out the new release! Also release of the sword section! As requested several time we have now included normal, unedited, customs that has been sold in the past for your editing pleasure. Happy customising your graal gaming character!  

Updated Customs

We have added a whole bunch of fresh new custom in all categorise! check em out in the new releases! Please wait for our systems to update. few hours..

Added Requested customs

We have added few requested heads and bodies check them out in the new release. It will take a few hours for our system to update the heads and bodies Before You download or say anything We urge you to read our Disclaimer HERE